Myrto Monokandilou is a Greek Visual Merchandiser, Interior Designer and Artist. She was born in Athens, grew up in Kinshasa (Congo) was educated in Athens, Vakalo Art and Design School and in London Derby University graduating in the year 2000 (BA with Honors in Interior Design and Graphic Design). She continued her studies in Grenoble, Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design Grenoble-Valence (Fine Arts) where she focused her artistic work on painting, photography, performance and video installation. Her passion about interior spaces and their interaction with the outside world unfolded, giving her the opportunity to discover her own personal style. After graduating in 2004, she continued to work on this idea of the inside and the outside in decoration and in Art as well. Which led her to pursue further studies  in Visual Merchandising, field that combines Art and Interior Design, in Paris, MJM Graphic Design. She graduated in 2019, holding a Professional Certification CSFP (with Honors in Visual Merchandising).  Myrto works and lives in Paris.